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  • Vishnu Rajendran - Sales & Marketing, Cathay Pacific
  • Vishnu Rajendran - Sales & Marketing, Cathay Pacific
Vishnu Rajendran
Sales & Marketing Manager, Sri Lanka and Maldives, Cathay Pacific

“Cathay is not a direction. It’s a culture.”

“I started flying when I was four years old to visit my grandmother in Chennai in India. Every time I went she would make a point of showing me different parts of the country. In India every state is like a different country with its separate cultures, so my desire to learn something new started there. Cathay is not a direction. It’s a culture. You’re not told to be nice to people, but the environment is such that you naturally want to be. That comes from a place of pride in terms of working for a foreign company. Nobody really tells me that the passenger comes first and that you need to treat him or her with the utmost respect, it’s automatic. It’s something I feel, and that’s the difference. I think at Cathay you just naturally go beyond what you’re capable of and go beyond your potential, and that is an entirely cultural thing. Every experience can be different and everyone has different wants and needs and I think the key is to identify what they are and what would make their experience special. The biggest satisfaction is when someone comes back and says they flew Cathay and were satisfied. That’s a big achievement for me, and it’s what I strive for every day.”