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Rebuilding a Nation’s Health-care System
By Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways is proud to support the people of Nepal in rebuilding the nation's health-care system, which was devastated by the earthquakes of 2015. Our partner in that commitment is an innovative global organization whose name, Possible, projects awe-inspiring optimism in the face of its profoundly challenging ambition: to deliver high-quality, low-cost health care to the poorest of the world’s poor. In Nepal the need goes beyond taking care of patients to a ground-up reconstruction of the medical infrastructure, which lost more than a thousand health-care facilities in the earthquakes.

“We go about doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do,” says Cathay’s senior vice president of the Americas Philippe Lacamp. “And Possible reflects that as well. They’re on the ground, and they’re doing extraordinarily innovative work in the most fundamentally important aspect of people’s livelihood, which is their health.”

The Possible team—constantly on the move building new health-care systems, delivering medical supplies, and providing patient care to some of the world’s most remote populations—shows every day just how much the “Life Well Travelled” means. And Cathay Pacific is honored to be a partner in synchronizing their focus on community impact with Possible’s pioneering dedication to saving lives.

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